Thursday, 26 September 2013

Health tourism and trends

Ways to travel are varied in length, comfort and conditions – and also holiday types.  With a view to travelling as a “healthy” market, it is a growing one all over the world.

For the vast majority of tourists doing health holidays good food and a natural environment are most important. Furthermore areas for sports like swimming and consultancies by doctors and qualified staff are essential.  In addition to that rehabilitation stays have a very strong focus on medical competence. Consumers book various packages, treatments, massages etc.  and stay for at least 2 weeks. The idea of fitness holiday means a high level of doing sports while vacations. People preferring a quieter life, could look after a wellness stay. Health farms and spa hotels offer a wide range of treatments. This kind of holiday has similarity to a cure, but medical care and sports are marginal.
Travelers expect a comprehensive package of services like healthy food, comfortable accommodation, qualified healthcare, nice environment, well-developed infrastructure, clear communication, entertainment etc. 
Competition is very strong, that’s why companies have to monitor and review their service quality regularly. To consult guests and patients is a necessary way to improve the services and products constantly. Otherwise there is no way to maintain a good position in the market.