Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WORLD OF BEAUTY AND SPA 2013 Trade Fair with special program by the Czech Association of Wellness (CAW).

The Czech Association of Wellness has prepared a special program on the theme of hotel wellness, the new spa regulations in the Czech Republic, and wellness tourism as part of the World of Beauty and SPA 2013 trade fair.

CAW President, Mr. Jan Hejma, discussed changes in the development of the spa industry in the Czech Republic, and namely the impact of the new spa regulations. He also mentioned the necessity of spa commercialization and its transition towards a focus on paying clients. Mr. Hejma underlined the opportunities for wellness and wellness tourism that are opening new horizons for the industry.

In his talk, Mr. Hejma focused specifically on wellness concepts. Each wellness concept should have its „ own story“which can raise a client´s interest, and the interior as well as the procedures influence the whole process as well. A wellness concept has to have its own power and energy, as harmonization and balance for the client results from the complete atmosphere of the process.

There was great interest in the discussion concerning the concepts of wellness, as well as wellness hotels. The CAW President pointed out the importance of embracing new technologies and the natural resources that make up a complete harmony of successful Czech wellness. This was a clear vision of the wellness concept that should prevail in the Czech Republic.