Monday, 11 August 2014

Naantali West End – Luxury at Luonnonmaa Island, Finland

Illustration of new housing at Kultaranta Resort Ltd.
Glass pyramids, a boat canal, a housing fair and luxury spa. All this will be reality in Luonnonmaa area if the ambitious Naantali West End project will execute as planned in the south-west cost of Finland. 

The main visions are the building of a tremendous spa and hotel center, the renewal of Matalahti bay and the making a boat canal that floats through Luonnonmaa Island, and finally the organizing of a housing fair in year 2020. Behind these plans is Kultaranta Golf Ltd, managed by Mr. Pekka Jokisuu and group of private landowners. The design comes from "Schauman Arkkitehdit (architects)" which is co operating together with the architects from Danish company called "Cobe".

Ambitious plans

The biggest change will be the renewal of Matalahti bay and the reconstruction of the original canal that used to go through Luonnonmaa Island in the past. The canal would boost the flow-through in Matalahti Bay and make the water cleaner. It would also make it possible to sail through Luonnonmaa with a small boat. The most exotic part of the plan is to build floating housing by the canal and the bay. This new accommodation would offer everything a modern day living demands and gives Luonnonmaa an original twist.
The goal is to make Luonnonmaa to a location of the housing fair in 2018-2020. This would also give a boost to Naantali’s plans to get 2600 new permanent residents to Luonnonmaa Island area.

Another significant part is the building of a 16 000 square meter spa and hotel center. "Kultaranta Towers & Spa" will consists of three glass pyramids surrounded by the beautiful Finnish nature. One of the pyramids is the hotel, the other a spa and wellness center,  and the third one will be an apartment building for locals.

From frontier to focus

Wooden housing  - of course!
Naantali West End is an ambitious and enormous project that has already kicked off.  At the moment Kultaranta Resort is building a new harbor. By the summer 2015 this marina will offer more mooring/place for boats, a floating VIP sauna and spa pools. A new café restaurant and other services will be offered for customers as well. Naantali West End will affect the whole Naantali area and it’s residents. Luonnonmaa Island will be a vivid center that’ll appeal to tourists and permanent residents.
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Siiri Kärkkäinen
Trainee, communications
Kultaranta Resort Ltd