Tuesday, 25 March 2014

WelDest results at the ITB2014 by Professor Illing

Results of the WelDest primary research were presented as part of the convention program for tourism professionals at the world’s leading travel industry trade fair ITB in Berlin the 6th of March. Approximately 200 professional visitors listened to the lecture of Professor Kai Illing(FH Joanneum, Austria).
Dr. Illing presented the main results (see the whole research report ) emphasizing especially the customers’ need to escape the pressures of everyday life and to get mentally refreshed. According to the research results customers think they can best fulfil their needs and do something for their health if the destination can offer pampering services and relaxation in a beautiful landscape.

Illing concluded that companies, especially spas should utilize local natural assets in different forms:

·         by offering guided or self-directed outdoor activities, which can stress the physical condition (e.g. hiking) or the mental condition (e.g. meditation  at a nice brook)

·         local natural materials can be used in furnishing and decoration

·         natural assets can be used in treatments (e.g. local plants and herbs in treatments and cosmetics)

·         the brand of the destination or a spa can be based on the diversifying natural assets the region has.

Illing’s presentation was supported by Wellness Survey results by Beauty24 and Wellness-Hotels & Resorts who have conducted research on both sides of the market – the customers and hotel-owners. At the slides of Ms. Wibke Leder, the Press Officer of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts, one can see percentages of appreciation by the customers.