Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Do you know the culinary ambassador of Styria, Austria? Austria, near the boarder to Slovenia and Hungary are truly speciality is cultivated every year: Styrian oil pumpkin

From south to eastern Styria you'll find this huge pumpkins sun bathing in a very warm and mild climate. This region is also called the Thermenland Styria

Styrian pumpkin seed oil has got a very special character with a unique, nut like taste of its shell-less seeds. It's oil is very healthy and is used in prevention of prostata cancer.

Find out everything about the "black gold of Styria" on a visit at the Thermenland StyriaAbout 2,5 to 3 kilos of these seeds make one litre of pure Styrian pumpkin seed oil . The seeds are ground, carefully roasted and then pressed.
The pumpkin seed oil is used mainly for salads.

(Source of pictures and texts: Thermenland Styria)