Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wellness on the Malvern Hills

Wellness on the Malvern Hills

Malvern Munch! Food Walk

A recent seven mile walk over the Malvern Hills proved to be a real hit with 75 people taking part. Local producers provided the food and local venues hosted the food stops.

Getting in the mood

Each stop had a different food theme and appropriate live music was played at each venue. High tea with a Classical string quartet through to Jazz and blues swilled down with good British ale! 

    Participants came from all over the UK to take part. Walk leaders also provided a background to the Victorian spa history associated with Malvern.

Jazz Stop
Walking on the Malverns
High Tea on The Hills


Edward Elgar
Since the Victorian era, people have travelled from all over the World just to enjoy the fresh air on the Malverns. The Malvern Hills have also been a source of inspiration to some of the greatest names in literature and music. The composer Elgar gained inspiration from long walks over the Malvern Hills and cycle rides in the Worcestershire countryside. C.S. Lewis is said to have been inspired by the Malvern Gas Lamps.

Malvern today is still a centre for wellness with many holistic therapy practitioners operating in the town.

Victorians enjoying the hills