Friday, 7 November 2014

Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor report now available

The new Global Wellness Institute, the parent organization of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit and the Global Wellness Tourism Congress, has just released its' latest  Global Spa & Wellness Economy Report at GSWS website

According to the report Wellness industry is a $3,4 trillion mega-industry. Today's people are seeking for healty, disease free life-styles and the wellness economy encompasses many industries that enable consumers to incorporate wellness into their lives.




Significant growth in spa industry

The spa industry has been growing by 7.7%
annually, from $60 billion in 2007 to $94 billion in 2013. According to GWI (2014,iii) spa industry is comprised of five interdependent segments. Spa facilities represent the largest segment, estimated at $74 billion in 2013 which means a 7,9% annual increase since 2007. Spa media, associations, events, education, consulting, and capital investments together add another $20 billion to the cluster.

Global Wellness Institute, Global Spa & Wellness Economy
Monitor, September 2014.
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