Friday, 28 November 2014

Welcome to the Malverns


Although the Malverns is an all year round tourism destination offering breath-taking scenery and wonderful air, it is the autumn and winter when the true essence of the land comes in to its own. Take long walks in crisp clean air over the Malvern Hills that divide the Counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and discover the fortifications of Iron Age encampments still visable on the landscape.

100 years ago Malvern was a key destination for watercure. Although you no longer need to take cold baths and run up the Malvern Hills before breakfast to experience wellness. You can still experience the quality that Malvern has always been famous for in its visitor accommodation such as the Malvern Spa Hotel and the Elms Spa Centre Hotel in nearby Abberley.

Malvern also has a growing community of wellness practicioners offering a wide range of natural holistic treatments.

The Malvern Spa Hotel has a wide range of experiences including Britains first Kelo aromatic Wood Sauna.

The town and surrounding area is now becoming a key destination for those who enjoy quality wellness and relaxation all year round.