Monday, 8 July 2013

The development in the spa and wellness market 2013

The German Wellness Association (DWV) observed for many years, the development in the spa and wellness market. For 2013, the following trends are seen from the leading industry association.

Of the treatment of the ritual

Spa treatments are becoming more complex. Instead of a simple massage or a beauty treatment the guest experiences a combination of coordinated applications, which is also known as spa ritual. Often these complex rituals are based on authentic examples of traditional cultures, both from Europe and from further afield. This life energy concepts play an increasingly important role. Even purely functional treatment packages that are tailored to the needs of particular target groups (eg pregnant women), gain in importance.

More in Wellness Spa

Spas are places so far mainly for feel-good massages and beauty treatments. Wellness in the true sense rarely found here. Fortunately, there is now also the first offers to convey the philosophy of enjoyable healthy life. For example, in the context of spa treatments are practiced complementary exercises that can continue at home the guest. There are talks about the life and professional coaching to produce more life balance. Even a day or more training to acquire praktsicher health and life skills in destination spas and spa hotels on the rise.

Floating in the water

More and more hotel spas expand their pool area to open basins that are filled with strong solehaltigem, warm water, in which the bather is lying on your back on the water and then undergoes a unique relaxing experience for body and mind. The idea of ​​floating exchange existed several decades ago, but was initially completely closed tanks or tanks as a method of Bewusstseinserweiterungpraktiziert. Meanwhile, the floating is getting more offered in open ponds, where you can also enjoy two or three of the outstanding balance feeling.

Fashion for spa guests

What attracts you, if you are staying at a spa hotel or spa? Most of us only think only about a white bathrobe. Fortunately, there are now alternatives in the form of functional spa and wellness fashion clothing. These are fabrics that are designed for the requirements and needs when visiting the spa or wellness hotel. The fabrics are very soft, elastic, absorbent, yet comfortable to wear even in drenched condition and they give a good impression, it also feels so well dressed outside the wet area. Besides Spa Robes, which are manufactured for men and women in different sections, for example, there are also functional sauna-kilts and spa-dresses especially for ladies.

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