Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spa & Wellness in Bath, UK

Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, there has been spa bathing in Bath’s natural thermal waters for thousands of years dating back to the Celts and Romans.

Today, Bath is enjoying major developments in the sphere of spas & wellness.

 Building upon the success of Thermae Bath Spa, a day spa which opened in 2006 after a major programme of restoration, work is well underway on the construction next door of the Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel, At the heart of this new 5 star hotel is Spa Village Bath, which will make use of the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters and offer a range of authentic health & beauty treatments.

 The City is taking full advantage of these developments and is positioning itself as the UK’s leading spa & wellness destination. The destination management organisation, Bath Tourism Plus, has launched a number of new spa packages and introduced a section on its popular website, to promote spa and wellbeing. The City is actively involved in the Great Spas of Europe, the European Historic Thermal Towns Association and will host the Café of Europe event in 2015. History has never felt so good!

Thermae Bath Spa in the heart of Bath