Saturday, 10 May 2014

Wine Wellness in the town of Hustopeče

The town of Hustopeče in the Czech Republic has a unique patented wellness therapy. They have managed to use secondary wine products for the preparation of beautifying and curative procedures. The basis of the proces is pomace, made from pressed grapes, which is considered to be a rare source of natural substances. The procedures themselves are special baths in pomace made from stems and peels of pressed grapes, body peeling with paste made from grape seeds, and pomace wraps. Wine grapes are famous for their antioxidants, which efficiently reduce detrimental free radicals in a human body. Wine-grape therapies protect and rejuvenate skin and keep it smooth and elastic. Moreover, wine-grape extract can kill yeast cells and bacteria.
Wine Wellness Hustopeče is the only spa of this type in the Czech Republic which has successfully opened. Clients from the Czech Republic, as well as from Slovakia come to this town in search of good wine and unique wine wellness. Wine is a good product for relaxation, as well as for business inspiration. Within almost a year the number of visitors of the Hustopeče wine wellness hotel has increased by 30%.