Tuesday, 20 May 2014

LUHAČOVICE - Greenery and more Greenery!

The spa town of Luhačovice has been going through its most extensive transformation in several decades. According to the executive manager of Spa Luhačovice, Mr. Jiří Dědek, the spa square and the town park are facing the greatest changes. The spring work aimed at renovation of the spa area is in full swing. The plan consists of planting of 476 trees, 15,290 bushes, 7,499 perennial plants and care for 104 woody plants.

„The work is taking place at several places at the same time – from the spring of the Ottovka river to the Spa Square and up to the sanatorium for children. We are expanding the grassy areas in front of the Municipal House and in the south part of the park we are planting an oak alley that will connect the promenade with the spa colonnade,“ says the general manager of Luhačovice Spa, Mr. Eduard Bláha. Most work will be finished before the beginning of the main season at the turn of May and June.

The green colonnade of maple trees, which were planted in autumn, decorates the banks of the Šťávnice river and continues smoothly across the Spa square. In this bridged area, new rows of roses and lavender are in blossom thus symbolizing the river. Mr Dědek adds „Our Japanese garden next to the Jestřabí hotel has already been tidied up and the gardeners are now planting evergreen bushes at the Brussels fountain in front of Bedřich Smetana House.“ The new Jubilee Pavilion spring is surrounded by rhododendrons and the Alpine Rose Villa area and the Villa under the Linden neighbourhood will soon be changed too.

The revitalization project of the greenery in Spa Luhačovice is financed from the Operational Programme for the Environment, meaning from the state fund for the environment of the Czech Republic and the European fund for regional development. Total costs of the project will reach about 27.8 million Czech crowns. The state fund subsidy about three milion Czech crowns and the EU grant is about 17 million crowns.

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