Monday, 29 September 2014

Forum and Market for Balneary Tourism - Baile Felix in Romania

Tourism industry representatives as well as those focusing specifically on balneary tourism, spas & wellness gave a very warm welcome to Donna Dvorak at the 10th annual Forum and Market for Balneary Tourism in Baile Felix in Romania this past week.  

Ms. Dvorak described the WelDest project and presented both the e-handbook and self-assessment tool, explaining how they can be used for health and well-being tourism destination development. 

The event, organized under the patronage of the Romanian National Tourism Authority attracted the most important associations from Romania and various other countries around Europe, including Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic and was divided into two main parts: the forum and the market.

During the forum, participants from balneary companies, public administration, travel agencies, as well as industry specialists heard discussions and presentations on such topics as the need for modern management in spas, the marketing of Ana Aslan therapies in spa hotels in Romania, the challenges and solutions posed by cluster networks and the integration of wellness activities into spa programs.

During the market, participants were invited to browse the different booths representing hotels, spas, travel agencies and associations who were eager to provide promotional material on their organizations as well as information on new technologies and products in the field.

The event was led by ESPA Vice-president from Romania, Mr. Nicu Radulescu, who did not hesitate to challenge the participants to move forward with the trends in the industry and embrace the ideas and concepts being brought forward by younger entrepreneurs and innovators in the field.

The event was a resounding success and WelDest was honored to be invited and to share the research and outputs of the project. We are looking forward to more cooperation with those in the Romanian tourism industry!