Tuesday, 2 September 2014

@See Region

The social, economic and ecological sustainability is of particular importance for the tourism industry. Sustainable business is becoming increasingly important in order to protect landscapes and natural areas and preserve them for future generations. On the other hand, the demand of travelers continues to increases by ecologically meaningful and socially responsible products and services on holiday. Tourist resources should therefore increasingly relate to regional roots, local authenticity and harmony with nature.
In 2010 the cities of Fürstenwalde and Storkow, the municipality of Grünheide and the authorities of Scharmützelsee and Spreenhagen have, with the assistance of the Oder-Spree county, combined their strengths in the @see-alliance, in order to market the region as an attractive location for both business and living to the outside and to strengthen and foster cooperation’s and business relationships on the inside. Based on the motto: "We are good, but no one knows it" have the people in charge made it their business, to work together and promote the region not following municipal or regional borders.